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Take Back Your God-Given, Constitutionally Protected Rights
by Correcting Your Status, So No One Can Ever Infringe On You Again!

A Time-Tested And Proven Process That Millions of Americans Have Already Filed

In this workshop you will LEARN:

Complete background, verifiable evidence, Supreme Court case law and official policy documents that the “national” status not only exists but is also recognized and honored by “the authorities.”

PLUS: Real-life videos from nationals across the country getting remedy with their status.

In this workshop you will GET:

Step-by-step video instructions and digital downloads for all the document templates necessary to complete the process from beginning to end.

PLUS: Bonus documents and books to solidify and defend your new status in the rare case anyone should ever harass you again.

Learn The Truth

No More Income Tax

Neither State nor Federal —
Perfectly legal and lawful as
United States Code Title 26, §1.1-1 tells you exactly how. . . you were just never supposed to look

no longer a "subject"

Step out of Federal jurisdiction, i.e. United States Code, Code of Federal Regulations, and any “statutes, codes, regulations or mandates” that are repugnant to the organic Constitution

'Do Not Detain' Passport

Included in this workshop are step-by-step instructions on how to apply for or renew your passport so it will contain a "Do Not Detain" code, similar to a diplomatic passport

Escape the legal matrix

Commercial Law runs the world and contracts you away from your God-given Rights. Know how to use it to your advantage and escape this modern Feudal System to own yourself

Discharge tickets

Never pay another "traffic violation" or parking ticket again! We will show you a legal, lawful process and proof that as a national you can make tickets go "poof"

Reserve your rights

Every contract ensnares you into servitude. We will show you a simple yet powerful commercial law trick to reserve your rights on anything you put your signature on

Are you a citizen of the UNITED STATES?

<- or ->

Are you a citizen of the United States of America?

Did you know. . .

that the “citizen of the United States” status was introduced with the 14th Amendment and only applied to freed slaves after the Civil War?

Did you know. . .

that prior to the Civil War there were only “state citizens” in our Constitutional Republic, collectively known as citizens of the United States of America? 

The Bill of Rights was written for and protected state citizens when our country was founded… it does not apply to, nor protect, “citizens of the United States.”

But don't just believe us.
Check out what the Supreme Court has to say...

“The privileges and immunities clause of the 14th Amendment protects very few rights because it neither incorporates the Bill of Rights, nor protects all rights of individual citizens. Instead this provision protects only those rights peculiar to being a citizen of the federal government; it does not protect those rights which relate to state citizenship.”

“The only absolute and unqualified right of [United States] citizenship is to residence within the territorial boundaries of the United States.”

“The governments of the United States and of each of the several states are distinct from one another. The rights of a citizen under one may be quite different from those which he has under the other.”

“…rights of federal citizenship, as distinct from the fundamental or natural rights inherent in state citizenship.”

and many more...
everything is revealed inside

All the Secrets "They" Don't Want You to Know

What will you get?

The most comprehensive and complete guide on how to become a national (a.k.a. state citizen)!

the bulletproof national status and passport workshop commercial law UCC

Video Session 1 - The UCC

the bulletproof national status and passport workshop mind prisoner Video Session 2 - Voluntary Servitude

Video Session 2 - Voluntary Servitude

the bulletproof national status and passport workshop breaking the chains Video Session 3 - Are You Property?

Video Session 3 - Are You Property?

the bulletproof national status and passport workshop world map matrix Video Session 4 - Dismantling The Matrix

Video Session 4 - Dismantling The Matrix

the bulletproof national status and passport workshop american passports usa Video Session 5 - Step-by-Step Process

Video Session 5 - Step-by-Step Process

the bulletproof national status and passport workshop man smiling with laptop Downloads & Resources

Downloads & Resources





5+ Hours of Video Instructions, Background, History and Process

Step-By-Step Instructions And All Document Templates Included

100% Tested and Verifiable. Perfectly Legal And Lawful In All 50 States

No "Patriot Mythology." Official & Historical Documents. Hard Evidence & Real Proof

Unlock Your True Freedom

and secure your rights with the most streamlined and 100% verifiable National Status Workshop available online. Take back what is rightfully yours!

Join millions of Americans

who have already filed and corrected their status. Don’t wait any longer! Take action to protect yourself and your loved ones from future harassment.

Gain a deep Inner-standing

All step-by-step instructions, document templates and BONUS files are included to solidify and defend your status. Re-build our original Republic, one American at a time.

Get Instant Access For Just $2.22!
Renews at $17.76 a month.
Cancel Anytime.

the bulletproof national status and passport workshop devices mockup desktop laptop tablet mobile

Why a recurring donation?
Because this process can be completed in as little as 30 days (as opposed to what many other "status correction gurus" tell you). This information was stolen from the American People, and we believe it is EVERY American's Right to claim it back—no matter your income. We will continually add more content, resources and value to your membership, however, once you feel complete with the process and knowledge, you may cancel at any time.

The Power is in your hands.

you just have to CLAIM it.

Yes! Benefits have nothing to do with your political/lawful status. Benefits are all separate contracts with individual government entities that YOU have been paying into all your life. It’s your money! Plus, in the workshop we’ll explain why “all U.S. citizens ARE U.S. Nationals” – meaning, the status has been equalized, even though they only ever tell and ask you about one of them. We will even show you that the “national” is now on benefit application fine print!

Yes! In fact, you can renew your passport(s) at any time – you’ll just have to pay for the processing fee again. Some nationals choose to only apply for the passport card, so they can exercise their common law right to travel on the road. They keep their “regular” passport book for international travel, so they don’t have to pay the full processing fee for both.

If you have been engaging and/or sharing any type or patriotic or freedom-oriented content on your social media—especially since 2020—you’re already on a list! Becoming a national is actually going to give you an immense layer of protection, since you’re stepping out of Federal jurisdiction, and can therefore no longer be held liable for victimless crimes (e.g. “hate speech,” “protest,” “domestic -isms” etc.)

Well, first of all, you don’t really “own” your home anyway, as we’ll be proving to you in the workshop. Regardless, your lawful standing does not impact or affect your mortgage, or other loan responsibilities. However, you CAN refinance (enter a new contract) with your new status attached, which will provide you with MUCH more legal protection than regular homeowners. We will also show you how to sign any contract, so that your rights are reserved and enforced for the duration of the term.

Yes! If your kids are younger than 18 years, you can file a Children’s Citizenship Evidence Affidavit (included in the BONUS downloads) where both parents autograph (or the one with full custody). If your kids are older than 18 years, they have to file an adult affidavit themselves.

No. If you change your status, any ongoing legal proceedings involving your name need to be resolved in your “U.S. Citizen” capacity. You cannot go back in time, because you entered these proceedings with your previous status and must therefore finalize them as such. HOWEVER, we will show you a simple remedy to get out of any contract—no matter how long it’s been—with a powerful commercial law process.

We do not share material or information about “state nationals” or “American nationals” because these terms do not exist officially, and therefore cannot be verified. The terms “U.S. national” and “national” DO exist and can be verified easily. We know there are many other teachers and courses out there – many of them with conflicting information – which is why we put this workshop together to finally end all the confusion. We provide nothing but official documents, case law, history and verifiable evidence. If you cannot verify it for  yourself, DO NOT TRUST IT. Especially these days…

There are several layers to this approach. Firstly, for as long as you have a lease or payments on your car — yes, you still need to register it. If you own your car, there are several ways to tackle it. However, DO NOT simply send your affidavit to the DMV and think you’re done. There is another step to take. There’s also a process on how to obtain a DOT number for your “private conveyance” — which will make you exempt from registering with the State.

No! Your new passport, and especially the passport card, trumps the “Real ID” and you can freely travel with your passports even in your car (if you own it). You do not need a “Real ID” for nationwide travel.

Yes! However, avoiding taxes or not paying taxes is a federal crime for “taxpayers.” Nationals are still lawful taxpayers, but only if 2 rare and obscure sections of the tax code apply to them. For well over a decade now, nationals have not gotten into trouble with “everyone’s favorite 3-letter agency.” We provide 2 tested and proven Bonus Letters and Responses to them IF they should ever harass you again.

First, if you’re worried about your credit card, you can get up to 10 anonymous CC numbers linked to your real one with a free account at: With the ongoing data breaches, we feel that everyone should at least do that. Plus, our checkout process (Stripe) doesn’t even ask for your name, and we also don’t store your payment information. Secondly, as this information was stolen from the American people, we feel it is only fair to offer a low entry  donation to get started. Sure, you can learn all of this for free, do some trial and error with notices/replies, figure out all of the templates for yourself… but it will take you several years (as it has for us). We are offering an all-in-one membership and support system, where everything you need is included, has been tested and vetted—so you can rest assured there is no more guessing. Finally, the number 222 can signify new beginnings and relates to decision making, movement, and having faith that what you choose will guide you exactly where you need to be. It shines with  positivity, persistence, and keeping the all-important mindset of being in charge of your own life. Number 222 can also be a sign that fresh beginnings and new pathways are about to open to you but that it will require your own active input to bring these fruits into bloom.

What Our Members Say

I just wanted to thank you for helping me with the affidavit process so that I could get my political status corrected from Citizen to National. Once I felt comfortable enough with the material so as to be able to defend my position, I was ready to pull the trigger with the notices to the different agencies, but I was a bit nervous. Your guidance and assistance in the documents and mailing processes took me from nervous, to relieved, and now empowered. Knowing that all the t's were crossed and the i's dotted took the worry out of this process. The acquisition of a new Passport book and card a week after sealed the deal. Thanks again for you help, flexibility and patience in making this happen!
With gratitude for your teachings and guidance. Thank you for your time :) Great teachers!
I am thrilled with the national status & the passport process and I’m so inspired now to share this with others. Given all the assistance and extra efforts you've shown us, I want to give back & pay it forward for others. We're all in this together.
I cannot say enough good things about the experience with my status correction and Passport renewal. I have immense gratitude for their knowledge base as well as their patience throughout the process. They were very informative and encouraging through the entire process. Even post completion, they remain an important resource and trusted friends.
If you're seeking truth and freedom, you found the right place!

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