Membership Agreement

private property of The Lion House #7 holding trust, and
an integrated auxiliary of C.L.I.R. PMA



C.L.I.R. (“the club”) is a private membership club for those of mankind to share knowledge and mend our beings. The club is not for hire; membership is by voluntary donation; membership provides exclusive access to a range of knowledge, property and time; all activities through or within the club occur within the private domain only; your donation confirms your acceptance to the agreement of membership and laws of the club;

All private members of the club agree and uphold the following:
  1. I hereby enter into this private membership agreement with C.L.I.R. as a man or woman of my own free will and in good faith, and with the capacity to contract, and
  2. I hereby accept and acknowledge that the currency exchanged is given under variation by agreement under International Law wherein the currency itself does not create third party obligations against this membership agreement, and
  3. Membership may be paused for the duration of one (1) month, but must be directly requested by emailing Learn(at), and
  4. I willingly agree to abide by the C.L.I.R. constitution and C.L.I.R. by-laws as they are adopted when acting in the capacity of member and further understand that any by-laws adopted shall be for the benefit of the membership and C.L.I.R., mutually and collectively, and
  5. I am in full understanding that any information obtained is under non-disclosure in accordance with Article V of the By-Laws wherein any information is not to be shared with any man/woman/person or entity outside of C.L.I.R. without written/verbal consent of Trustee, and
  6. I agree not to share, or sell, or otherwise distribute any of the property offered here, without first obtaining the explicit written consent of C.L.I.R., and
  7. I agree to act with good will, not to engage in abusive, violent, destructive or harassing behavior towards any other member who does participate in the club lest my membership be dismissed, and access to all time and/or property offered by or through the club cease, and
  8. I affirm that I am not acting as a representative/agent or in any capacity officially for any City, County, State, or Federal, or other agency/entity solely attempting to investigate C.L.I.R. and its members, and
  9. I affirm that I may not be questioned or coerced by any outside agency to obtain information about the club, and
  10. I affirm I am requesting membership solely for the social benefits of being associated with other like-minded men and women, and to peacefully assemble within a safe and comfortable environment, and
  11. I agree that in the event that information is voluntarily disclosed to a non-member, a 2 million dollar fine is hereby attached to said voluntary disclosure, and
  12. I agree that in the event coercion has taken place by any agent, officer or other body for the purpose of extracting information used for any purpose against C.L.I.R., the member’s liability transfers to the agent or officer of up to 2 million dollars in fines and penalties lodged against the member, and
  13. I may invite non-members to the club and its benefits by privately describing what those benefits have done for me, but I agree to uphold full non-disclosure at all times as to the details of information, property and technology shared within the club, and
  14. I affirm that I may cancel my membership at any moment by properly rescinding and returning this agreement, and
  15. I will extend kindness to all members, even when they don’t extend it to me, and I will take action to help a member in need if I see their need and am capable of making the situation better, and I will respect differences of opinion by acknowledging the other member’s stance and not pushing their acceptance of mine, and if a disagreement turns into a negative argument, I will walk away from the situation, and
  16. I agree that this is a NOT FOR HIRE Agreement, and no information within the club is to be construed as tax, legal, medical or financial advice and is for educational purposes ONLY, and
  17. As a NOT FOR HIRE Agreement, no transaction shall be construed as being “in commerce,” no automatic monthly receipts are provided and no refunds are given, and
  18. As a member, I hereby agree that I will hold harmless C.L.I.R., its trustees, managers, agents, volunteers, members, and any associations of C.L.I.R. in perpetuity, and
  19. I acknowledge that I enter this agreement and private relationship in my own sound mind, accord, and take total responsibility for my own experience, actions and outcomes, and

I agree and hereby tender my application for membership in C.L.I.R., and personally sign this agreement via the checkbox below, without coercion, in exchange for access to the benefits and gifts offered by or through the club now and as they become available, and do acknowledge that I have fully read, understand and agree to this private membership agreement.